AL40 control unit

Autonomous control unit is used for the control of two two-sided or up to four one-sided entrances. AL40 is a basic construction unit of a middle-sized access system. The electronics itself is placed within a metal case with a tamper contact and is installed into a hidden place. For individual inputs the AL40 is connected to scanners EDK2, EDK2B or any scanner with Wiegand output. EDK3 scanners with the PIN entry option can also be used for increased security. This solution conception offers a comfortable installation and high resistance to attack or mechanical damage. Another advantage is that the system works independently on ID media type – the unit processes only scanned data and can therefore operate both with the Dallas chips and various contactless cards, depending on the type of connected scanner.


Up to four scanners can be connected to AL40. For each scanner, access right and conditions for switching on of output relays controlling electromagnetic door locks, turnstiles, etc. can be defined independently. When an ID medium is approached, the access right of the passing person is assessed. If the passing person is authorized to enter, the relay will switch on and open the door. Operation statuses (granting or denial of entry) are signalled by optical and sound elements within the scanners. AL40 is also equipped with two inputs for door contacts and can therefore monitor current door status and initiate alarm when the door is opened violently or not closed after passage of an authorized person. Information on passages and door status is saved in the internal backup memory and then transferred onto a computer for further processing. All operation characteristics can be set directly from the computer.


  • in access system as a basic unit for entry control
  • control of entries to a building with automatic external security system control
  • can operate without a permanent connection to a PC from a distant workplace


  • control of two or four doors
  • works with multiple scanner types
  • diagnostic LED
  • FLASH memory 64 kB
  • backup memory RAM 256 kB
  • internal real time circuit
  • 4x independent outputs
  • 2x door contact input
  • 2x departure button
  • programmable PGM output
  • tamper contact against case opening
  • upgrade firmware of application
  • port for TCP/IP module
  • port for connection to external security system

Technical data

  • ID medium: depending on connected scanners – Dallas chips, contactless cards Emmarin, HID, Mifare, Motorola
  • Number of time spaces: 500 with weekdays distinction
  • Number of users: 1 500 to 4 000 active cards according to configuration, rights can be set for individual subsystems and each card
  • Event memory: 10 000 entries of passage history


Řídící jednotka AL40


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