Installation of attendance and access systems

Configuration proposal for attendance systems is issued on the basis of an analysis of initial conditions. Individual components are designed to effectively fulfil the requirements of our clients. When the attendance system is modernized, the installation is performed in such a manner as to avoid any disturbance of work attendance and to make the transition as easy as possible. The installation is performed with maximal care and caution. If the customer so wishes, a project can be created depicting the true condition.

Data imports, system implementation, customization

Data imports can form a part of our supply of attendance and wage systems. For attendance systems there is no need to import large amounts of data about the employee, but for the wage and HR systems it is possible to import most of the data about employees, family members and wages, etc.

During the implementation of a system, a setting according to the client’s needs is performed. The setting is always confirmed with the use of real data and put into operation after being validated.

We are able to perform system customization according to the specific requirements of our clients – processing of non-standard calculations - motivation bonuses, premiums according to norms, etc. At the same time adjustments and supply of output sets, exports and interconnection to master systems can be performed.

User and administrator trainings

Our company stresses the importance of the trainings of individual system users and administrators. The trainings take place on the customer’s premises and their extent is determined according to the size of system installation and the customer´s requirements. Simultaneously our company organizes regular trainings in Prague and Brno.

Technical support, help desk

Our technical support includes new software versions including legislation changes, updated manuals and solutions to user inquiries through telephone or via help desk. For attendance and access systems, a regular system prophylaxis can be arranged.

Computing technology supply

Due to our cooperation with the leading computing technology manufacturers for the completion of our own computer sets, our company is able to supply servers (AutoCont, HP, IBM, Dell, etc.), computer stations and other accessories.


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Services / Outsourcing

We perform complex delivery of our systems including analysis, installation, implementation and user training. 



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