Education, trainings

Individual module ‘training sessions’ enable evidence of personal trainings and effective training organization and planning. Within training planning, a preliminary assessment of training costs can be evaluated. The cost of various training sessions will vary depending on the number of trainees. Training costs can be also monitored according to the level of individual employees. Obligation to participate in a training session can be defined in the following ways:  

  • According to the working position (for a group of people) – a list of required trainings is defined for a given job. Subsequently, all employees working on that position have to attend the defined training.
  • individually – by entering a proposal for training only for a specific employee or by entering a record of training attendance with a “Compulsory” attribute.
  • A training session for increasing the level of skills – in case a higher skill level is required for a position than the level actually acquired by the given employee and there is a training defined that enables the employee to reach the higher level of skills, such a training will automatically be listed as compulsory for the given employee.

All required trainings are shown comprehensively within the required training form. Here it is possible to filter employees, training types and the end of the validity of training in various ways. Another function of this form is the option to enter a training proposal. There are several ways to define training. From the simplest where training session attended can be directly recorded onto the form of required trainings, through creation of training proposal as a medium step, to a necessity of confirmation of a training proposal that can be delegated to another employee that the one that defines the training proposals. Clear information on compulsory trainings and on the history of attended trainings of a given employee can be found within the file of the given employee. To assess a training session and set the success criteria of individual training attendants, the functionality of another module of the PERSONALISTIKA software can be used – assessment and test.


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