Contactless cards, pendants

Mostly, the contactless media comes in the form of a card (the size of a credit card) - a company print can be added to the card – but various key pendants can be used as well. Contactless cards and pendants can be combined within one company. Media is scanned in the following way: the ID card/pendant is held to the scanner at a defined distance (usually approx. 10 cm). The scanned code is transmitted into terminals and processed and assessed.

Basic characteristics

  • no contact with the scanner is needed for identification
  • contains a numeric code that cannot be falsified
  • cards can be printed on – use a company logo or a photograph and it can serve as an information tag
  • pendants are made of a resistant plastic and have a loop to be fitted to a key chain
  • contactless card types EM4002, MIFARE, Motorola, HID

Contactless media - MIFARE for the state administration

In connection with the introduction of professional chip cards within the state administration, our company has enlarged its assortment of contactless media terminals by terminals scanning the above mentioned chip contactless card with the MIFARE data interface. At the same time, the attendance terminal RT300 equipped with an internal MIFARE card scanner can be used.

Printing on contactless cards, creation of logo print for pendants

The print can be done in the following ways:

  • directly on the card
  • sticker manufacturing

To get the customer’s idea of how the card print or the logo print should look (company logo, data, layout, background image, etc) print designs are prepared to be sent to the customer via email to be assessed. In case of approval the card printing or logo print production are initiated. In case the design is not approved, possible adjustments are consulted. 


Bezkontaktní přívěsek SAIL - černý
Bezkontaktní přívěsek SAIL - modrý
Bezkontaktní přívěsek SAIL - šedý
Bezkontaktní přívěsek SAIL - zelený
Bezkontaktní přívěsek SAIL - červený
Bezkontaktní přívěsek TEARDROP - černý
Bezkontaktní přívěsek TEARDROP - modrý
Bezkontaktní přívěsek TEARDROP - zelený
Bezkontaktní přívěsek TEARDROP - červený
Bezkontaktní přívěsek TEARDROP - žlutý
Bezkontaktní krarty - bílá
Bezkontaktní hodinky - černé
Bezkontaktní hodinky - modré
Bezkontaktní hodinky - červené


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