EDK/EDK2B external scanners

External EDKx scanners are used as extension modules for access and attendance terminals. They are used in cases where the ID media scanner has to be placed on either sides of the door or in a freely accessible location and the scanner is at risk of vandalism or unauthorized manipulation. Generally the scanner is placed in front of the door on the exterior and is connected to a terminal that is placed inside. EDKx scanners can also be used as independent scanners for data readings for a superordinate system, such as an external security system

  • EDK2 – depending on alternative it works with the Dallas chips or with contactless cards, maximal connection length is 10m.


The EDK module is connected exclusively to a specific port of a superordinate module. It CANNOT be used independently. It uses the connection cable to communicate and as a power supply. ID media (chip or card) scanning is signalled by an LED. Information about the chip is then sent to the superordinate terminal (the format can be set) where an access authorization control is performed. In case the entry is authorized, EDK shows it with an acoustic signal and a green diode and the terminal switches on the relay. When passing through an EDK scanner, specific operations (mainly arrival) can be registered independently on the current setting of the terminal.

Connection to attendance terminals

In cooperation with the terminals, all options of the EDK scanner can be used. The terminal is used for setting the type of connected EDK or to connect two scanners (EDK2 only). An operation is assigned to each scanner and relay switching and terminal behaviour can be defined for each of them. ID media scanning is indicated by a sound and visual signal.

Connection to AL40, AL20

Up to 4 (2) EDK2 scanners can be connected to access units AL40 and AL20 (EDK1 cannot be used). A completely independent setting of access rights and ways of relay switching can be defined for each scanner. Chip or card scanning is indicated visually and acoustically by the scanner.

Connection to Wiegand

The EDK2 scanner can be set for an output data format of Wiegand 26. This regime enables the scanner to be connected to other systems that support this format of data exchange  (for example external security system).




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