The Intraweb module extends options of the wage system. By signing in, the employee can browse his/her files in the wage and HR system and actively communicate with the wage accountant or HR management. The employees may change the bank account number, report a newborn child or ask for an income statement very simply.

Clients using the attendance or wage system can use a common web interface for all applications. Only one sign-in procedure and all the information is in one place.

Personal data

The application enables the personal data (name, surname, DOB, etc.) of an employee to be viewed.  Data displayed in the intraweb are selected in the MZDY PROFI application.

Wage data

The wage data of an employee can be viewed through the intraweb. The following data can be shown in the wage data section:

  • holidays – the link shows the number of days of holiday the employee is entitled to, number of days already taken and number of days to be taken
  • wage payment – the link shows how the wage is paid (by funds transfer for example) or the number of the bank account

Salary deductions can be also viewed within the intraweb. The lists show the type of deduction (additional pension insurance, etc.), date of start/end of deduction validity, overall amount to be deducted, monthly deduction and the overall amount already deducted.


The application enables performed and planned trainings of an employee to be viewed. The data is filled from the Docházka application. Individual columns show the date, description and state of the training. The state of the training shows the following information:

  • not confirmed
  • confirmed
  • denied
  • successfully attended
  • unsuccessfully attended


It is possible to send messages and various notifications through the intraweb. The messages can be sent, received and replied to. Date of sending and the addressee (For: the HR department) or sender (the HR department), message subject, the message itself or the reply to it (Statement:) are shown for a message. 

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