Selection procedures

Module description

The ‘selection procedure’ module can prove useful to both bigger companies organizing large selection procedures when hiring new employees and smaller companies that want, for example, to be able to use information from selection procedures which have already been performed. It can also be used by HR agencies organizing selection procedures for their clients.


The functionality, as well as the data structure of the module, is formed on a basis of our long-term experience in HR management software development. When developing the application, we tried to consider the specific needs of our clients resulting from their practical experience with the selection procedures organization.

One of the main objectives was to offer a tool which was as user-friendly and as clear as possible; a tool that would provide useful help when organizing selection procedures with regards to the material resources, especially for human resources.

Functionality description

A selection procedure is launched for a specific position. Applicants apply for jobs and are therefore subsequently included into a relevant selection procedure. One applicant can apply for several jobs. On behalf of the employer, the HR department employees take part in the selection procedures. These employees either represent the organizational part of the selection procedure, or the commissioners who are directly involved with interviewing and assessing the applicants.


A selection procedure is divided into rounds. In each round the number of applicants taking part is given, as well as the number of successful participants of the given round; these automatically proceed to the next round. Within the rounds the participants are invited for interviews. A tool is implemented into the application which enables a clear and simple organization and planning of individual interviews. When all interviews of a given round are concluded, an assessment of applicants can be performed and the points given to an individual applicant by a commissioner can be counted and the applicant proceeding into the next round determined. The system performs an automatic assessment according to selected specifications that can be modified by the administrator of the selection procedure.


Successful applicants from the last round become the winners of the selection procedures. By using a guide, the applicants can be simply added as new employees. Data about the applicants will be automatically transferred into a new employee file. 




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