Functions and properties

  • communication with attendance terminals (automatic, continuous or manual) – task planner, processing of data from terminals can be automatic or manual
  • a graphic representation of attendance of individual employees for the whole month with the possibility to edit it
  • attendance monitoring for a selected time period – a month, a week, 2 weeks, 10 days, 28 days, etc.
  • register of breaks including the possibility to enter automatically according to set rules (after a certain interval was worked through, in set times, in relation to the worked hours)
  • a three-level approval system for the edited attendance (processed, checked, approved), automatic attendance approval under set conditions
  • overtime monitoring system – decides how many hours will be transferred to the next month, paid, cancelled
  • monitoring and calculation of over fund – overtime monitoring for a longer period
  • scanner register (for attendance and access terminals) with a definition of permissible operations and implicit times of operations
  • possibility to define a group of employees authorized to use individual terminals
  • operation register (working hours interruption) – to be set by the user according to the needs of the company
  • possibility to define a potential automatic termination of an operation – in a given time, at the end of working hours, after the daily work load is finished, etc.
  • possibility of automatic continuing, repetition of an operation according to set conditions (sick leave, business trips, etc.)
  • definition of the time-bound part of wage into which the operation (working hours interruption) will be calculated
  • a detailed set of the time-bound part for a time-period of a day, a month and a variable time-period
  • shift register enabling registering of both fixed and flexible working hours
  • possibility to set an ignorance mode for timely arrivals of employees at work
  • intelligent and automatic recognition of a worked shift – if the employee comes for a different shift than is set in the calendar, the software assigns the shift correctly
  • calendar register with the possibility to define working hours for every day of the year – for groups of employees or individually for each employee
  • calendar types for one or multiple shift working
  • employees register including their basic data
  • ID media register with the option to assign them to individual employees – possibility to block an ID medium
  • possibility to enter attendance operations manually by the user (one or more days in advance)
  • a sophisticated system of access rights definition operating with the attendance system, possibility to restrict attendance editing to a specific group of employees (centre, department), editing (adjustment) of attendance only by authorized people
  • working hours balance processing using the balance data for attendance terminals
  • time-bound part statistic processing (worked hours, absence and substitutions, etc.) for a given period
  • quick and easy access to monthly and daily attendance outputs
  • automatic communication with a distant workplace – modem, the Internet, data circuits
  • access system – opening of doors, turnstiles, gates, barriers according to access rights
  • monitoring of presence of employees currently or retrospectively with the possibility to view a photo
  • a colour distinction of present and absent employees
  • transparent graphical capacity planning
  • data import and export to the HR and wage system
  • automatic data synchronization with the superordinate systems (wages, HR, manufacturing, etc.)
  • data outputs, manager – a large number of predefined output sets with the possibility of user definition of outputs to be displayed
  • output set editor – creation of custom-made sets, export graphs


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