Rjxx control unit

The control unit is used for the access system and can operate in both the online and offline regime. External contactless cards or pendant scanners are connected to the control unit.

Depending on attendance system installation topology, you can define various configuration and combinations of the control units. Two external scanners can be connected to the basic version of control unit; maximal number of external scanners is 16. The control unit can operate electromagnetic locks, turnstiles, barriers, etc.

16 (or less) external scanners can be connected to the control unit; communication is done through a RS485 interface. The scanners can be as far as 1200m from the control unit.

  • online or offline regime
  • power supply +12V
  • communication - Ethernet 10/100 MHz
  • relay number – 16 pcs in external scanners with light signal, 8 pcs internal
  • number of user inputs - 10
  • 11915 various events can be saved in the offline regime
  • number of cards - 5041
  • time zones

Relay can be switch in various defined manners

  • switched by scanning a card
  • switched by time zones
  • switched by buttons

Further options

  • inputs for monitoring of open/closed doors
  • information on instant states of individual relays
  • optional switching on or off of relays during defined events

Control unit characteristics

The RJ control unit can control 16 external scanners. It communicates with them through RS 485 with the speed of 9600 Bd. The scanners can be as far as 1200 meters from the control unit.

  • power voltage: +10V to +14V
  • current during consumption:  160mA with internal relays switched off,  640mA with all 8 internal relays switched on
  • operation temperature: -20°C to + 50°C
  • storage temperature: -20°C to + 70°C
  • RJ communication interface: Ethernet 10/100 MHz.
  • number of input relays: 16 in external scanners (with a light signal when switched on)
  • 8 internal relays (with a light signal when switched on)
  • number of user inputs: 10, each input can be separated galvanically from the RJ electronics
  • RJ size: 240x190x90mm

Rjxx type designation depends on the supplied configuration which is based on the number of activated external scanners. The basic option RJ02 is designed for connection of two external scanners. Maximal configuration RJ16 enables the connection of 16 external scanners.

Note: In case you require the internal relays to be used for contact switches, the maximal configuration RJ08 is used for the connection of 8 external scanners while fully using the internal relays.




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