How to operate the attendance system

Each employee is given a personal identification medium. The software enables you to define up to 90 individual operations to be performed while passing through the terminal (arrival to work, doctor appointment, departure for business trip, departure to another workplace, holiday, etc.). For each operation the behavior within further automatic processing can be defined.


The employee approaches the terminal with his/her ID medium, chooses an operation he/she wishes to perform and holds the ID medium to the scanner. Data on passages are registered in the memory of the turnstile and are sent to the collecting computer. If the terminal is connected to a lock (a gate, a barrier, a turnstile, etc.) it will enable access to the building.


Communication between the terminal and the computer can be done through the following lines: TCP/IP, RS485 and RS232. The connection of the terminal and the computer can be executed through a special cable, structured cable system, modem, land-line or it can be wire-less. For the cases of power black-out all data is stored in the backup memory of the terminal until the communication channel with the computer is renewed. At the same time, it is possible to power the terminals (door locks, barriers, etc.) with a backup power source to ensure the full function of the appliance even during blackouts.


Communication with the terminals is fully automatic. The DOCHÁZKA and PŘÍSTUPY software can be complemented by the SLUŽBA module designated for Windows NT/2000/XP/7 that operates as a background service and communicates with the terminals, processes data and generates scanner settings, etc. If the operation fails to be performed, the system administrator can be contacted by e-mail.


All the read and processed data from terminals will be clearly shown in a graphic format; the data can be adjusted manually. Operations can be inserted into the data already shown and records can be adjusted. All performed changes are highlighted to clearly show the manual adjustments. The name of the user that performed the change is given for inserted data. Data originating from the terminal are preserved.

With the help of a sophisticated access rights system, attendance editing can be restricted only to the people authorized to perform attendance changes.


For multiple shift working, the software automatically allocates the worked shift to the employee, calculates bonuses for afternoon and night shifts or bonuses for work on Saturdays or Sundays when processing the attendance.


Of course, overtime calculations can be performed as well. The software calculates overtime and an authorized person (supervisor, department manager) decides how much overtime will be paid and how much will be transferred to the next month or cancelled.


In case processing is needed for time period other than a month, the time period can be set according to your needs (1,2,4 weeks, 10 days, etc.)


The software will provide complex data on attendance needed for wages calculation. It will show how the working hours are used by individual employees within the company as a whole and will process many printed documents needed for wages processing. In the set editor you can define your own printing sets and exports.


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